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Fine wine with Heinz baked beans?

Did anyone else see the article in the national press lamenting the fact that we seem to have lost the art of matching food and wine? I read it with a hint of nostalgia for the good old days before quickly remembering that while I've often given advice on what goes best with what, my best advice has always been to open what you enjoy and just don't overpower the food with the wine.
Matching food and wine really is as simple as that in reality. Lets face it I wouldn't you open a Barossa Shiraz with a bowl of chicken soup and Chenin Blanc tends not to do well up against fillet steak but if those pairings float your boat then sail away folks. The age of Downton Abbey is over so shed the snobbery and crack open a bottle of Napa Valley Merlot with some XL Cheese Crisps while lounging in your Jim jams and watching the latest episode of Geordie Whore. Crikey, why not ask the household staff to join you once a week as well for a treat.
That said, stick with quality wines not the mas…

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